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HOME - December/January 2018

With assistance from Brandi Catalanotte, Gainesville Country Club explored a stunning redesign and renovation, down to trim and carpets, to create a new experience for their members and a beautiful location for their special events. Read more!

HOME - June/July 2015

The Horvaths wanted a home that would allow their family and friends to gather in a space with an open floor plan that included high ceilings, recessed lights and top-of-the-line granite and appliances. They decided to build their dream home in Alachua, Florida. Read more!

HOME - October/November 2014

La Notte Design was hired to complete an open floor plan for a new family moving to Gainesville, Fla. Gia Arvin with Matchmaker Realty contacted Brandi Catalanotte, owner of La Notte Design, to help her clients, Thibaut and Kristen van Marcke. Open floor plans are great for hosting large parties with family and friends, not to mention, they are great for kids to move around easier. Read more!

Giggle - October/November 2014

Thaddeus’ unique story helped him win the Giggle Magazine/Campus USA Credit Union Kids Room Makeover contest for a brand new room. In order to accommodate Thaddeus and his growing passion and business, Brandi Catalanotte and the LaNotte Design team redesigned his room with six pull-out shelves in his closet to house several large tanks and light fixtures, keeping the reptiles warm and cozy. Read more!

HOME - June/July 2014

Here is an example of a transitional house that received a face-lift. The style of the home is traditional, and the décor is modern. I designed a style that would change this home completely — from its original transitional look to a modern clean-lined design. With the new transformation, the home remains rich, timeless and elegant with a warm feel. Read more!

Giggle Magazine - Oct/Nov 2013

As Brandi Catalanotte walks through your office, you know she is thinking, "If we moved that there and brought some color here and a rug there... it would be perfect!" And she is right. At here cue, her team is on-the-move and, after those design elements are in place, it is perfect! Read more!

2013 Kid's Room Makeover

Brandi Catalanotte was selected by Giggle Magazine and Campus USA Credit Union to be the designer for the first ever "Kid's Room Makeover" contest. Read more!

Gainesville Magazine - June/July 2012

From the moment they began working together, Kevin and BJ O'Sullivan shared a bond with Brandi Catalanotte, the designer who would work with them to make their Gainesville house a home. They all shared a love for not only the Gators, but for Gator baseball. Kevin O'Sullivan was hired as head coach of the Division 1 baseball team in 2007; Catalanotte's husband, Greg Catalanotte, played baseball for the Gators in the late '90s. Read more!

Gainesville Magazine - Feb/March 2012

The home, however, was ready for some updating. Busy floral wallpaper patterns covered the walls, and traditional stylings ruled the decor. The Mosers turned to Brandi Catalanotte of La Notte Design, who met with the Mosers, and, after sussing out the couple's tastes and preferred color palette, set about bringing a transitional decor to the interiors. Read more!

Women in Business - 2011

La Notte Design specializes in residential, commercial and developmental projects. Brandi's passion for her work is evident in all that she does. She particularly enjoys transforming a person's home or business into a space they are proud of and desire. "There's no better feeling," Catalanotte said. Read more!

Gainesville Magazine - Feb/March 2011

With inspiration from the Mediterranean-style homes and businesses in Naples, Florida - and help from designer Brandi Shaw Catalanotte of La Notte Design, LLC in Gainesville - the Whites managed to transform the home that houses their precious memories into a richly detailed Mediterranean masterpiece. Read more!

Extreme Home Makeover - 2010

Just had to throw this in there. How often do you get to see your name onscreen alongside the members of KISS? Read more!